Choosing The Right Glass Shower Doors For Your Bathroom

If you're looking for glass doors for your shower, you have a lot of different styles to choose from. The right style of shower doors can help make your entire bathroom have the look you are trying to accomplish. You can learn about the different types of glass shower doors in this article.

Different types of glass

Clear: Clear glass shower doors don't have any texture or design to them. These doors are great in bathrooms where you are trying to accomplish clean lines and an almost industrial look. Since these doors are clear, they are also better for bathrooms with a hundred percent privacy.

Frosted: Frosted glass shower doors have the elegant appearance of glass. However, these doors also have a frosted side that adds a bit of privacy. When you look through the frosted glass, you can make out a figure, but you won't be able to see details. You can get frosted doors that have a complete covering of frost or ones with frosted designs.

Rain: Rain glass shower doors are textured to have the appearance of rain lines running straight down the glass. These doors look especially good in bathrooms with a natural theme, such as an ocean, rainforest or lake theme.

Tinted: Tinted glass doors generally come in a smoky gray tint, but they can be found in other shades as well. These doors provide a bit more of a feeling of privacy and they help distract from the shower so you can make another area of the bathroom become more of a focal point.

Different types of doors

Bypass: Bypass shower doors are also referred to as sliding glass doors. They can have two or even three parts that slide, allowing you to enter your shower from different sides. One of the benefits to these doors is they fit nicely in a smaller sized bathroom where opening the shower door would present a cramped space.

Pivot: A pivot glass shower door is one that opens outward. These doors will generally close with the use of magnets that hold the door in place until you push it open. This door provides you with quicker entry and exit in and out of the shower, but does require more space for it to swing open.

Once you choose the right glass shower door for your bathroom, it can really help to pull the entire look of the bathroom together. 

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